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Sibelga vehicles: orange or blue lights?

With or without their siren? The Sibelga vans crisscross Brussels every day, sometimes on emergency calls. But where are they off to? Learn to interpret the signals! 

Sibelga van without flashing light or siren 

When it passes by discreetly, the Sibelga van is usually carrying technicians on routine call-outs such as opening or closing meters for example.

Sibelga van with orange flashing light

Its presence usually means that a construction site is nearby. It is also possible that its driver simply wants to signal the presence of the vehicle on public roads, if no parking space is available for example. 

Sibelga van with blue flashing light

It transports employees who have been called out and are perhaps en route to repair a faulty meter or solve a low pressure problem on a gas line. These vehicles have some special permissions, such as the right to use the bus lane. 

Sibelga van with blue flashing light and siren

This is an emergency call-out to solve a problem that could put lives at risk or get worse without immediate intervention. An example would be an explosion, a suspicious gas smell, a fire, carbon dioxide poisoning, etc.   

If you see these vehicles, remember that you need to move out of the way and give them priority by stopping, if necessary. This is a legal obligation!