If you suspect that there is a problem with your electricity or gas meter, you can ask for an inspection.

A meter inspection costs money. But you only pay if it emerges that your meter is not faulty (rates are below).
If a fault is detected in the meter (read our conformity rules), then you do not pay for the inspection and your meter will be replaced free of charge.

In order to avoid unnecessary costs, it is best to check a couple of things before making the request:

Has your consumption behaviour changed recently?

Are there more people in your household? Are you at home more or less than you were? Have you installed any new electrical appliances? etc.

Have you had your indoor installation checked by an electrician or a gas fitter?

Is something wrong with your electricity wiring? Do you have a power loss somewhere?
Have your purged your radiators. You may even be the victim of energy theft.
You have to be in possession of the latest report of your serviced gas boiler.

Is your thermostat at the right setting?

Is your thermostat timer properly set? Is your thermostat programme always on day or night? Are the batteries still in good condition?



A charge is only made for the inspection if it appears after the inspection that the meter is working properly: (read the conformity rules)

  • Meter inspection carried out at client's (electricity): 303,71 EUR (incl 21% VAT)
    meter inspection not under accreditation
  • Meter inspection carried out in labo (gas): 418,66 EUR (incl 21% VAT)
    meter inspection in labo under accreditation 17025

Meter location

Meter number / EAN

Billing details

A charge is only made if the meter does not appear to be faulty. (read the conformity rules)

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