Would you like to have new meters installed?  Below you will find an overview of the procedure involved and exactly what you are expected to do.

  1. The application
    It all begins with an accurate description of what you would like.

    If you know roughly what type of meter you would like, then use our online application form for connections and meters or send us the completed application documents.

    On the other hand, if you have little knowledge of the type of meter, the capacity or other technical matters, then we advise you to submit the application with the assistance of your electrician or gas fitter.
  2. The quotation
    As soon as we receive your application, we can prepare a quotation.
  3. Appointment for the work to be done
    There are two important requirements to be able to make an appointment:
    -    the quotation must be paid
    -    you must inform us of intended use of each meter to be installed.

    The intended use of each meter is an extremely important element. So please read our detailed explanation carefully first.

    If there are any additional technical requirements, these will be included in the quotation.
  4. Opening the meters
    To have your meters opened you must have a contract with an energy supplier, and have had your indoor installation inspected.

    We advise you to contact the energy supplier of your choice as quickly as possible, once we have given you the EAN code for each meter.