Change of address

What if there is a capacity limiter in your new home?

Tell your energy supplier that there is a capacity limiter and that it needs to be removed.

Note that Sibelga can only come and remove the capacity limiter at the express request of your energy supplier.

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How do you know which meter supplies your home?

To be absolutely certain of this, you have to turn off the main switch on your electricity meter. If you no longer have any electricity in your home, then that is indeed your meter. Another possibility is to switch off everything in the fuse box in your home. If the dial on the electricity meter stops rotating, then you have found your electricity meter.

Gas meters have a little lever. If you turn this lever crosswise to the pipe, you can stop gas going through the meter. Do this and then check whether your still have gas for cooking or whether your gas boiler has stopped working. That way you can find your gas meter.

Or call our Service Desk 02 549 41 00.

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What risks do you run if you don’t arrange your contract in time?

Let’s suppose you don’t have a contract with an energy supplier, but you are using energy in your new home. In that case, you risk Sibelga coming along to close your meters on behalf of the previous occupant’s energy supplier.

If your energy supply is cut off, you first have to conclude a contract with an energy supplier as quickly as possible; and then call Sibelga to have your meters opened. After this, it can take at least two working days before a Sibelga technician is able to come and open the meters. Remember, too, that a charge is made to open the meters.

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What do I have to do if I move?

This can be summarised in one golden rule:
Contact your current energy supplier in good time – before you move – and tell them that you are going to move.
They can explain what steps you have to take, as this may differ from one energy supplier to another.
Note down your meter readings with the old or new occupant.

More details can be found on the page ‘Moving house’.

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Do I have to have my meter closed when I move?

No, that is not at all necessary.
Make sure you tell your energy supplier that you are moving, and note down the meter readings with the new occupant.  You can use our change of address documents for this.
More details can be found on the page ‘Moving house’.

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