Connections and meters

How much does it cost to install a meter?

The cost may vary depending on the capacity of the meter and the local situation.
You will find a detailed overview of the prices for installing a new meter in our rates for connections and meters.

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What are the off-peak hours for a dual-rate meter?

The off-peak hours may vary from one municipality to another.
Consult our overview to check when the off-peak and peak hours fall in the municipality in which you live.

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What are the advantages of a dual-rate meter?

With a dual rate a lower rate is charged during off-peak hours.

As the cost of a dual-rate meter is higher than a normal meter, it is only advantageous if you can use electricity during off-peak hours as much as possible.  (e.g. dishwasher, washing machine, etc.).

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What types of meter are there?

There are various types of meter, depending on the capacity required.

Generally speaking, for electricity a distinction can be made between:

  • meters with the daytime rate (single rate)
  • meters with daytime/night rate (dual rate)
  • meters with night rate only

There is just one valid rate for gas, depending on the consumption.

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I think my meter is turning too quickly. What do I do?

Call our Contact Centre (02 549 41 00) to make an appointment so that Sibelga can come and check your meter.

N.B.: If your meter is checked and is working normally, then a charge is made for this.

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My meter has been installed. What steps do I have to take now?

If you have already concluded a contract with your energy supplier then we will probably have already opened the meter when it was installed.

If you meter was not opened when it was installed, then you have to make sure that you have concluded a contract with a energy supplier.
All the required steps are set out in detail in ‘Opening and Closing meters’.

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I would like a new meter or connection or to change an existing meter or connection. What steps do I have to take?

Depending on the type of work involved, you have to make a written or an oral request.

For oral requests, such as opening or closing a meter, you can deal directly with our Contact Centre (02 549 41 00).

A written application for work relating to connections and meters can be submitted in a variety of ways.

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