EAN code

What's an EAN code?

The EAN code consists of 18 figures (EAN = European Article Numbering) that contain full details of a given supply point. So you can have an EAN code for your electricity meter and an EAN code for your gas meter.

The EAN code never refers to a client or a consumer. The code always remains linked to the supply point located at a given address.
It is best to have this code to hand when you contact Sibelga, Metrix or your energy supplier.

All EAN codes for the Brussels-Capital Region start with 5414489 xxxxxxxxxxx

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Where can I find my EAN code?

You will usually find the EAN code on your energy bill.
If you move house, ask the previous occupant of your new home for your EAN code.

If you cannot find the code, you can contact customer services at Sibelga on 02 549 41 00.
They will be able to help you on the basis of your meter number.

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