Opening and closing meters

How much does it cost to open or close a meter?

You will find the price for opening a meter the following page.
No charge is made to close a meter if asked by the client.

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I have concluded a contract with an energy supplier. How many days will it be before Sibelga comes to open my meter?

Once your energy supplier has informed us of your contract, it will take at least two days to schedule the opening.

Call our Contact Centre on 02 549 41 00 to make an appointment.

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Why was my meter closed?

Meters are usually closed at the request of the customer.

If this is not the case, the meter may be closed for a variety of reasons:

  • at the request of the energy supplier in the event of non-payment
  • if it appears the energy is being used at the address of use without a contract with a energy supplier
  • for safety reasons (fire, water damage, etc.)

You can obtain more information about closing your meter via our Contact Centre (02 549 41 00).

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My meter is closed. What do I have to do to have electricity and gas again?

The first thing you need to do is to conclude a contract with a energy supplier (list of energy suppliers).
Closing the meter terminates the contract automatically.

As soon as you have a contract, you can call our Contact Centre (02 549 41 00) to make an appointment to open the meter.

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