Reading the meter

The reference number on my letter is expired. What will happen?

You have received a letter from us indicating that you can pass on your meter readings up until 15 days following the posting date.

For instance, if you received a letter dated 5th January, then you can pass on your meter reading until 20th January.

After this date, your meter readings will be estimated on the basis of your consumption in previous years, taking into account the climate data that applies for your consumption period.

This estimate is calculated a few days after the expiry of the period of validity of your reference number.
The estimate is then sent to your energy supplier, so that they can prepare your annual bill.

If you do no agree with the estimate, you can ask your energy supplier to correct it, if appropriate.

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Where do I find my reference number and what is it used for?

You will find the reference number on the letter that you have received after a meter reader was unable to gain access to your meters.

The reference number is above the strip you have to complete in your letter.
You need the reference number to report your meter readings online.

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Can the meters be read at my request?

That is possible, but first you have to contact your energy supplier.
N.B.: there maybe a charge for this service.

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Does someone come and read my meter when I change energy supplier?

No. As soon as your energy supplier has confirmed that you have concluded a contract with them, you will receive a letter from us inviting you to submit your meter readings online, by phone or by mail.

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Does someone come and read my meter when I move house?

No, you have to give your energy supplier your meter readings.
More details can be found on the page ‘I’m moving house

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When is my meter read?

For most customers, the meter is read once a year.
The month in which your meter or meters is/are read depends on the municipality in which you live. Depending on the region, this is done in the last two weeks of the month.

For bigger customers we come by every month, or the meter is read from a distance.

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