What happens if I move house?

Can I change energy supplier at any time?

Yes, you are free to change supplier at any time without a supply interruption. But you have to take into account a one month's period of notice to terminate your contract.

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Do I have to tell Sibelga that I am changing supplier?

No, your energy supplier will automatically inform Sibelga as soon as your new contract has been drawn up.

Sibelga will then arrange for your meter to be read so that your previous energy supplier can close your account.

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Can I choose a different energy supplier for electricity and gas?

Yes, you can choose a different supplier for each form of energy.

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What can I contact a energy supplier for?

You can contact your power supplier:

  • to ask to conclude an energy contract
  • to ask questions about your energy bills
  • to ask questions about payments
  • to ask questions about your direct debit
  • to report a change of address
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