Night rate only for specific appliances

The night rate only meter is intended to supply power to electrical appliances that only run at night, such as storage heaters and water heaters.

On 1 April, the night rate is changing timetable. The exclusive night rate will apply from 10pm to 7am on weekdays, and throughout the weekends and public holidays.

These changes do not require any changes to be made to the meters nor will they involve a visit from a Sibelga technician. The changes will be implemented through the delivery of impulses.

Appliances connected to your exclusive night meter will actually be powered 24 hours a day on weekends and public holidays. You may need to change their programming and perhaps also that of the installation for central heating and/or for the production of hot water for sanitary purposes. If in doubt, call your electrician.

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The ‘night only’ meter is fitted on a separate circuit that is supplied with power at set times, namely between 10.00 pm and 7.00 am, and 24h/24 during weekends and legal holidays.

The price of this power is determined by your energy supplier. However, the ‘night only’ rate is, in any case, more advantageous than the night rate with the dual hourly rate.

Combining with other types of meters

The ‘night rate only meter’ can be combined with a meter for the single hourly rate or the dual hourly rate. If you opt for the second possibility, you can use the dual hourly rate at night by putting the washing machine on, for instance. 

Beware of the disadvantages

Connecting a boiler or a storage heater to the ‘night only’ circuit does have a disadvantage, however: the hot water may run out, and you won’t be able to heat up any more.

If you unexpectedly run out of hot water during a weekday, you have to wait until 10.00 pm before the boiler comes on again.

The regulations are very clear on this point: an appliance that is connected to a ‘night only’ circuit cannot be disconnected. So it is not possible to connect your storage heater temporarily to your power circuit with the single or dual hourly rate!