Shortages? Blackout? What about Brussels?

Working alongside Elia (the Belgian power transmission operator), the Federal Government is putting in place the measures required to deal with a probable electricity shortage as efficiently as possible.

If not enough power is available to meet demand, in spite of massive imports and the harnessing of all of the country's available generating facilities, the Federal Government could take steps to avoid a shortage.

These steps are preventive and will be taken progressively:

1. Interruption of supplies to large industrial consumers, with their consent;
2. Appeals to all consumers (including the general public) to reduce their consumption at certain times;
3. A ban on certain uses of electricity: illuminated signs, air conditioning, etc.
4. As a last resort, the cutting of supplies to certain rural areas around the country - in other words, 'power cuts'.

In the event of power cuts

In the event of power cuts, the operations will be initiated and managed by Elia.

Sibelga, which distributes electricity at local level in the Brussels Capital Region, will follow Elia's instructions.
In any case, the Brussels Capital Region (19 municipalities) will not be affected by these power cuts, with the exception of a small part of the municipality of Ukkel/Uccle.

Brusselians are called upon to stand in solidarity

Nonetheless, Brussels residents will be invited to show solidarity  with the rest of the country; if you reduce your electricity consumption, or change your times of use, you can help prevent rural areas being deprived of electricity.

We will keep you posted of the situation as it unfolds and as new information reaches us from the federal authorities.