Even though there will be virtually no selective power cuts in Brussels, you will be asked, like all fellow citizens, businesses and public services to show solidarity by reducing electricity consumption.

Your solidarity can help prevent other areas of the country from being cut off!

Some tips to reduce your consumption


  • Switch off the lights when you leave the room or the hallway;
  • Reduce the number of lights in the room where you are;
  • Use low energy bulbs;
  • Cut out 'power guzzlers' such as halogen lamps;.
  • Avoid switching on decorative lights;
  • Make the most of natural daylight.


  • When you're at home, heat your living areas (such as the kitchen and the living room) to no more than 19 °C to 20 °C.
  • In the evening, close curtains, blinds and shutters.
  • At night or when you go out, reduce the temperature to between 15 °C and 16 °C;
  • When you're away for a longer period of time, reduce the temperature to 12 °C.


  • If possible, only use your washing machine, drier and dishwasher after 8pm or during off-peak hours (generally between 10pm and 6am);
  • Do your washing at a low temperature, e.g. at 30 °C;
  • Use your laptop instead of your desktop PC.


  • When you aren't using equipment such as computers, TVs , set-top boxes, DVD players and music centres, switch them off completely, and don't leave them on standby. If an appliance has no built-in on/off switch, plug it into a power strip with an on/off switch;
  • Unplug your mobile phone or your laptop chargers when they aren't charging;

Specific advice is available for businesses and institutions.