Sibelga supports the energy transition in Brussels through various programmes in "click" From central purchasing to building-site monitoring and energy accounting, find out how we can help you!

The implementation of dedicated services for local and regional authorities is part of Sibelga's public service mission. These services relate to the energy performance of buildings, renewable energy production, sustainable mobility and, in addition, energy procurement. What do they have in common? They contribute to the achievement of the energy and climate objectives of the Region.

These different services are provided at the request of the Brussels Region and overseen by Brussels-Environment.

Services related to energy performance

Services related to sustainable mobility

Services related to energy performance

NRClick: improving the energy efficiency of your buildings

NRClick is a complete service designed to support public building managers in their energy management.

As a beneficiary, you will be able to:

  • monitor the energy consumption of your buildings with the NRClick Scan energy accounting tool, receive alerts in case of anomalies, access your consumption history, draw up reports, etc;
  • subscribe to a contract with a gas or electricity supplier or to maintenance work on your HVAC installations via the central purchasing bodies, which will simplify your administrative procedures since we manage the public procurement procedure and the drawing up of framework contracts;
  • call on our expertise to identify the work or adaptations to be carried out in order to reduce energy consumption in your buildings (for example, by renovating a heating system) and to coordinate the work.

Want to know more? Visit the website or contact us.

Do you already have the NRClick Scan tool but want to improve your mastery of it? We offer you training from basic up to expert level.

SolarClick: install photovoltaic panels on the roofs of your buildings

Thanks to SolarClick, almost 50,000 m2 of photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roofs of municipal administrations, sports centres, schools and other public buildings in Brussels between 2017 and 2020.

A SolarClick II programme is being prepared. It will allow its beneficiaries, with the support of Sibelga:

  • to install photovoltaic panels with their own funds
  • to install photovoltaic panels via private third-party investors 
  • to have roofs renovated and insulated 

More information will be available soon.

RenoClick: a programme for comprehensive sustainable energy renovation

Sibelga is developing a global approach in order to be able to support you even better in reducing the energy consumption of your buildings. 

RenoClick is your one-stop shop for all your building energy performance needs. New in relation to existing programmes: RenoClick helps you to carry out in-depth renovation work on your buildings. That is, work that concerns both the external envelope of buildings (e.g. insulation) and their equipment. 

Want to know more about RenoClick?

Services related to sustainable mobility

MobiClick: greening your commercial fleet

The Region's ambitions for the green transition have led to requirements with regard to mobility which mean you will need to adapt: Cobrace, Low Emissions Zone...

Through this central purchasing unit, Sibelga will help you to make your fleet of commercial vehicles greener. How? By facilitating the acquisition of alternative fuel vehicles (electric or CNG), charging stations for electric vehicles and charging station management tools.

Resulting in:

  • time saving (lightening of your administrative load);
  • reduced costs (negotiated price for grouped purchases);
  • a guarantee that the selected vehicles meet the applicable standards;
  • support throughout your charging station installation projects, from the identification of needs to the commissioning of the installations 
  • professional market follow-up.

Several contracts have already been completed. Consult the brochure concerning upcoming markets.

If you want to subscribe to the centre (with no obligation to buy) and participate in future markets or if you want to know more, send an email to

ChargyClick: organising the deployment of charging stations in Brussels

At the request of the Brussels Government, Sibelga is supporting the public authorities in the deployment of a network of charging stations accessible to the public in Brussels.

The ambition of the Government? To have 11,000 terminals accessible to all Brussels residents by 2035. The locations for a first batch of 246 charging stations were identified in 2020 and the municipalities were consulted. The stations are currently being installed.