If you install, modify or remove a charging station for an electric vehicle in the Brussels-Capital Region, you are required to declare it to Sibelga.

Why do I have to declare my charging station?

This is a legal requirement as stipulated in the Electricity Ordinance (Art.16)

Declaring charging stations allows Sibelga to more efficiently carry out its mission as a network manager and provide all Brussels residents with a high-performance energy network.

Charging stations over 3.7 kW can consume a significant amount of electricity and cause peaks on the power grid. Therefore, it is important to map them out.
This way, we can guarantee balance on the power grid and limit the risks of congestion.


Form to declare a charging station

Address charging station

Please only report charging stations located in the Brussels Capital Region

Details charging station

Please tell us to which EAN code (meter) this charging station is connected to.

It starts with 5414489 and is always 18 digits long


If the pwoer of the charging station is not listed, please include it in the comments
Enter the number of charging points available on your charging station
With Load balancing, the charging capacity can adjust depending on other consumers (your home or other charging stations) to prevent overloading.
A smart charging station is capable of communicating with other devices and can be remotely controlled
Through bi-directional charging, the stored electricity can be sent from your car to the grid (V2G) or to your home (V2H)

Quantity of this type

Are there multiple charging points of the same type and power connected to the same meter (EAN code)? Please provide the quantity


Feel free to give us more comments if necessary.
You can also send documents or pictures of your charging station and its technical serialplate.

Your details