A move is a considerable undertaking. To ensure you do not forget anything, our "moving checklist" lists the tasks to be considered. Not forgetting the steps for energy transfer.

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What to think about when moving house?

3 months before my move

  • I plan a budget and days off for the move.
  • I contact the people who will help me on the day itself and before (family, friends, neighbours, etc.).
  • I choose a mover approved by the Belgian Chamber of Movers.
  • I sort, I give away, I sell, I throw away.
  • I place the things I am selling on second-hand websites or sell them at a flea market. I can also donate them to an association.
  • I think of setting aside bubble wrap or newspapers to wrap my fragile items.
  • I think of asking for cardboard boxes at my supermarket. Banana boxes are ideal.  

1 month before my move

  • I notify my suppliers and other organisations that I am moving:
    • Internet
    • Telephony
    • Bank
    • Employer
    • TV
    • Insurance
    • Unemployment
  • I find out what to regarding my water, gas and electricity meters at my old home.
    • For gas and electricity, I go to the "moving house" section of the www.sibelga.be website. All the actions to be taken are explained here, including the energy transfer.
    • For water, I request the reading of my meter readings or I complete the "contradictory meter reading" form. I find the information on the Vivaqua website, if I live in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • I start using up the food stocks in the freezer and cupboards.
  • I create a binder with papers related to the move.
  • I start packing
    • I pack what I use the least first;
    • I note the contents of my boxes on an inventory sheet;
    • I label the boxes (number, contents, destination room);
    • I do not overfill the boxes to avoid them being too heavy.
  • I collect all documents and valuables in a briefcase that I will keep with me on moving day.  

15 days before my move

  • I request the forwarding of my post 2 weeks in advance via the bpost moving service.
  • I apply for two parking permits from the municipalities concerned: one for the old home and one for the new one.
  • I arrange for someone to look after my children or pets on the day itself.

7 days before my move

  • I prepare a suitcase with the essentials for spending the first night in my new home.
  • I plan thorough cleaning in my new and old home. If I do not have the time, I call in a specialist company.
  • I make a plan of the new home and think about the future location of the furniture.
  • I unplug the fridge and freezer in order to clean them.
  • I take pictures of the wiring of my electrical appliances (TV, set-top box, DVD, console, etc.) in order to know how to reconnect them later.
  • I contact the gas and electricity suppliers to inform them of my move or my wish to change supplier. To compare energy suppliers, I go to the Brusim comparison tool.

Moving day

  • If the meters are open at my future home, I read the electricity, gas and water meters.
  • I prepare copies of the energy transfer document. I complete and sign the document with the other party at my old home and at my new address.

After my move

  • I carry out the departure inventory of fixtures with the owner of my former home and hand over the keys.
  • I reward the troops: I provide drinks and snacks for those who help out.
  • I carry out the entry inventory of fixtures with the new owner.
  • I declare my new address to the population department of my municipality within 8 days of my move.
  • The following institutions are automatically informed after my identity card is updated:
    • The social security institutions
    • The mutual insurance company
    • The CPAS
    • Kind en Gezin / ONE
    • The family allowance fund
    • The regional housing corporations
    • The annual holiday funds
    • Forem, ACTIRIS or the VDAB, unless I am unemployed, in which case I have to inform them myself
  • I organise my housewarming party to celebrate my successful move.
Download our checklist
To have it to hand, download our checklist in a printable format.
Download document