Sibelga owns several buildings in Brussels, a historical legacy that dates back to before the reorganisation of the electricity market. Some have found a new life, such as the 3500m2 complex that houses the not-for-profit organisation ASBL Convivial in Forest

Since the 1990s, ASBL Convivial has been supporting refugees in their integration process.

In 2001, it set up its headquarters in a complex of 3500m2 of buildings made available to it by Electrabel at the time, and later by Sibelga.

20 years later, Convivial is still there and has grown! In 2019, the association was designated as a BAPA (which stands for Welcome Office for New Arrivals in French), which considerably broadened its scope of action. These new responsibilities necessitated a reorganisation of the premises, to which Sibelga contributed by taking charge of the insulation work.

Sibelga, a player in its community

Convivial's premises include storage spaces with all the material elements necessary for the beneficiaries to settle into their new home: food, clothing, crockery, furniture, blankets, etc. The ASBL has also set up a social service that covers a wide range of activities: social, legal, administrative, medical and psychological assistance.

By making its premises available free of charge, Sibelga is helping to improve the living conditions of these new arrivals in Brussels. And this is just one example of the support Sibelga offers to Brussels associations!