Are you interested in sharing energy? We will give you all the facts and the steps you need to take to see whether your project is worthwhile, right up to its completion.

Before you get started, it is important to know that there are several types of energy sharing.  We recommend that you fully understand the differences before you take your first steps.

Step 1: Let the Facilitator guide you free of charge (optional)

Brussels Environment has appointed a Facilitator who will guide you through all the steps, free of charge. They will work with you to assess the project's suitability and feasibility.  

Here are some of the things the Facilitator can help you with.

  • Identifying the type of sharing.
  • Involvement of participants (except peer-to-peer).
  • Estimation of electricity volumes and choice of allocation method.
  • Definition of the business model and the price of the shared electricity.
  • Drafting of contracts and statutes.
  • Creation of a legal entity if necessary.
  • The Facilitator will also provide you with a number of tools, such as economic analysis tools and contract or invoicing templates.

Step 2: Request technical information from Sibelga (optional)

To correctly calculate the amount you will be sharing and determine whether your project is feasible, you will need a range of elements that Sibelga can provide.

Plan of the electricity grid

The distribution tariff and business model may vary depending on the location of the participants on the power grid.

Consumption history

We can provide you with a consumption history and load curves (where the meter permits) so that you can estimate the total consumption of the different participants.

Step 3: Request the activation of your energy-sharing project

Together with the Facilitator, you have determined that your project is worth implementing. You know:

  • the form of sharing;
  • who the participants will be (the EAN codes);
  • the method for distributing production among the participants.

In this case, you can fill in our form to active your sharing project.

Please note that if you decide to create an energy community, you must first have your request approved by Brugel. This approval will be valid for ten years and is renewable.

Once the smart meters have been installed in all the participants' homes, their remote reading will be activated and energy sharing can begin.