Who does what on the energy market?


The regulators supervise the working and organisation of the energy market. In doing so they provide advice for the government. For Sibelga, Brugel monitors whether we carry out our tasks properly and checks that our rates have been correctly drawn up.

There is one federal regulator: the CREG (Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation).

And there are three regional regulators.

  • In Brussels: BRUGEL (Brussels Gas Electricity)
  • In Flanders: the VREG (Vlaamse Reguleringsinstantie voor de Elektriciteits- en Gasmarkt – Flemish Regulatory Body for the Electricity and Gas Market)
  • In Wallonia: the CWApE (Commission Wallonne pour l'Energie – Walloon Energy Commission).
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Meter reading company

The meter reading company is responsible for reading the meters and processing the data taken from your meter.
The meter reading company ensures that the data are passed on to the power suppliers so that they can draw up bills for their customers.
For Brussels, Sibelga is the company responsible for this task.

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Distribution grid operators

Distribution grids are local grids that are connected to the transmission grid and carry power and natural gas from branch to branch to your installation at home. Each distribution grid operator has its own specific working area.

In Brussels this is Sibelga, for both the electricity and the natural gas grid.

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Elia and Fluxys, the transmission grid operators

Both are responsible for operating the transmission grid, which may be compared to the motorway for electricity or natural gas.

Elia carries electricity and Fluxys carries natural gas to the distribution grids of the distribution grid operators.

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Energy suppliers

They sell electricity and/or natural gas which they purchase from producers or produce themselves. They also provide services for the sale of energy to the customer.
The energy supplier bills you for the energy used.

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