The distribution costs and public service obligation (PSO) contributions for high-voltage customers are calculated according to a specific methodology.

As with all energy consumers in Brussels, you must pay Sibelga for:

  • the distribution costs for the use of the electricity and/or gas distribution networks;
  • the contribution for the public service obligation (PSO), also known as the contribution for public service missions (PSM).

Distribution costs

Sibelga's electricity and gas distribution tariffs are subject to approval by the Brussels energy regulator, Brugel. 

For customers directly connected to high voltage, tariffs are based upon consumption (kWh), the maximum peak consumption of the last 12 months (kW), and the connection mode. If you have any questions about tariffs or an energy bill related to your high-voltage cabin, please contact your Account Manager (

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PSO contribution

This contribution, which is paid in full to the Region, is used to finance regional policy with regard to the rational use of energy.

It is calculated according to the power of your connection. As a professional customer with a high-voltage connection, you can register a change in the power made available (until the end of June for application in January of the following year). This announcement has no technical consequences but can have a significant impact upon your energy bill. Do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager ( for advice concerning this matter.

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