Sibelga is the distribution network operator for electricity and natural gas in the 19 municipalities of the Brussels Capital Region.

Our mission

Our mission is expressed in one sentence, which we have translated into 6 commitments:

As your trusted partner, our aim is to improve the quality of life of all residents in Brussels and the Communities by providing reliable, innovative, and sustainable solutions.

Inne Mertens, CEO Sibelga

Our strategic guidelines

The energy sector is facing deep transformation of a technological, environmental and economic nature.

The energy transition is under way and it’s a true revolution.

The energy landscape, which must reinvent itself at an incredible speed, is influenced by many factors such as decarbonisation, decentralisation, digitalisation and reduced energy consumption.   

How does Sibelga see Brussels changing? 

Sibelga aims to provide concrete solutions to improve quality of life for all Brussels residents.  

The vision we have of the energy transformation in Brussels confirms that Sibelga must play an increasingly key role in the energy transition. Buildings that consume less energy100% green shared vehicles, and autonomous districts that produce, share and store their energy for a future with ever decreasing carbon emissions!  

Sibelga's role in the next few years? 

Sibelga intends to reaffirm its roles as a distribution network operator.

Our core business remains the foundation of our strategy and will continue to evolve in symbiosis with the energy transition. 

If we have entered into this strategic discussion, it’s because we want to continue to fulfil our role as network operator optimally, while meeting the expectations of all our stakeholders. And we are doing this in close collaboration with the regulator and the relevant authorities. 

Our 6 commitments

1. Security above all!

To us, there is no doubt about it: network security and excellence always come first.

2. Improving the quality of life

Sibelga is your trusted partner that aims to improve the quality of life of all residents in Brussels and the Communities. At all times.

3. A driver of the energy transition

We act as a driver of the energy transition in the heart of Europe by promoting the rise of energy communities. How? By connecting and mobilising the existing players.

4. A low-carbon future

We want to contribute to a low-carbon future while preserving a good balance between financial accessibility, reliability, and the clients’ wishes.

5. A structure geared towards innovation

We provide a structure geared towards innovation and collaboration by promoting technology, data sharing, partnerships, and entrepreneurship.

6. A stimulating employer

We create an engaging and stimulating environment that encourages our team to work together with respect for diversity.