By integrating the former SolarClick and NRClick programmes into the RenoClick programme, we have created a comprehensive solution for the sustainable renovation and energy efficiency of public buildings in Brussels.

Buildings account for 56% of greenhouse gas emissions and 73% of energy consumption in Brussels. It is therefore essential to renovate buildings in order to achieve the Region's goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

With RenoClick, you have a complete solution to help you make your buildings more sustainable and reduce their energy consumption. The RenoClick programme covers all types of public buildings: schools, nurseries, offices, nursing homes, sports and cultural centres, etc.

Five complementary services

The RenoClick programme offers you five complementary services to make your public buildings more sustainable and efficient.

Comprehensive renovation

Our "Comprehensive Renovation" service allows you to undertake renovation work on every aspect of your public buildings, from structural work to the finishing touches. The aim is to significantly and sustainably improve the energy performance of your buildings.

Roof renovation and insulation

RenoClick's Solar & Roofing service can help you renovate and insulate roofs, as well as install photovoltaic panels. You can finance the solar system yourself or obtain funding from a third party.


The HVAC service covers all work on heating systems, domestic hot water, ventilation and air conditioning. We work to modernise old installations as well as optimise the use of existing facilities or better regulate their consumption.

Monitoring consumption

By installing dataloggers on your meters, the SCAN tool allows you to track and monitor your buildings' energy consumption. Our monitoring tool enables you to track all types of consumption: gas, electricity, water, fuels and heat.

Energy purchasing

We also put our central energy purchasing body at your disposal. You can enjoy competitive energy rates and receive our expert advice. Sibelga draws up contracts with different energy suppliers and manages the entire tendering process, from contract publication to award.

Why RenoClick?

Public authorities wanting to carry out sustainable energy renovation work can take advantage of the many benefits offered by RenoClick.

  • Personalised support from the design phase through to completion. 
  • A single point of contact for the duration of the project. 
  • Quality service providers selected for you by our experts.
  • A central purchasing body that takes the burden of organising public procurement contracts off your team.