To get gas and electricity, you need to choose an energy supplier. We suggest that you compare electricity and gas suppliers before signing your contract.

Are you a private customer?

Are you looking for an energy supplier for gas and/or electricity?
In Brussels, there are 6 suppliers for private customers. Most can provide you with both gas and electricity.

Company Phone Website
Bolt Energie +32 (0)2 899 33 00
Brusol (**) +32 (0)2 411 90 47
Luminus (*) +32 (0)78 155 100
Engie +32 (0)78 35 33 33
TotalEnergies (Lampiris) +32 (0)800 40 123
Mega (*) +32 (0)4 268 20 00

(*) No longer accepts new residential customers.
(**) Only accepts customers who install Brusol solar panels.

You can also find this list of energy supplier on the Brugel website.

Are you a business customer?

There are many gas and/or electricity suppliers in the business market. There are around 30 licensed suppliers! 

You can find the complete list on the Brugel website. This list of energy suppliers is regularly updated. 

Compare energy suppliers

You are free to sign a contract with the energy supplier of your choice. You can even choose a different supplier for gas and for electricity.

Do you want to compare the offers of gas and/or electricity suppliers? 

Simulate your energy costs with the Brusim comparison tool

Simulate your energy costs with the Brusim comparison tool.  

Are you planning to move?

Now might be a good time to switch energy suppliers.
This is one of the tips on our moving checklist. Have a look at it for more tips and tricks.

Good to know!

Changing energy supplier does not cost anything. You just have to give one month's notice.