Sibelga partners with companies committed to providing new career opportunities for individuals with disabilities or from disadvantaged backgrounds.

What is often perceived as a weakness can actually offer a wide range of possibilities in various fields. By embracing diversity in an inclusive way, we develop an environment that fosters progress and excellence. This paves the way for innovation, problem-solving and operational and human excellence internally.

Employees with exceptional analytical minds

In the fields of testing and cybersecurity, precision and attention to detail are of the utmost importance. This is why Sibelga has chosen to work with Passwerk, a company that employs people on the autism spectrum. This partnership gives Sibelga access to a pool of exceptional talent with unparalleled analytical abilities.

Their precision, thoroughness and meticulous approach make a difference and complement our internal skills to ensure that our solutions are tested thoroughly and that the highest level of IT security is applied.

Herbert Carracillo, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Sibelga

In 2020 the first Passwerk consultant joined Sibelga's test management team. Following this successful experience, we decided to expand this partnership in 2023 by welcoming another consultant into our IT security team. More recently, a third Passwerk consultant has joined us.

Sibelga and AMAB combine their talents

Sibelga has also recently launched a contract aimed at promoting the social and professional integration of people with disabilities. Since 2023, Sibelga has been working with AMAB, a company specialising in adapted work and employing 800 people in Brussels.

As part of the rollout of digital meters, AMAB is responsible for supplying us with around 65,000 cables a year, equipped with cable shoes or sheaths, for 4 to 8 years. AMAB's proximity to Sibelga also means shorter transport distances, resulting in a low carbon footprint.

Sibelga works with AMAB

A new era of inclusive partnerships

These partnerships are just the beginning of a series of collaborations Sibelga is planning with inclusive companies. In the longer term, we want to extend this cooperation to other areas and products. In doing so, Sibelga supports the local economy while providing employment opportunities to people distanced from the labour market.

By bringing together the brightest ideas and the most diverse talents, we can continue to innovate and build a more supportive community.