Do you suspect a meter problem? A faulty meter is actually quite rare. First check a few things yourself. It is best to avoid paying the costs of our tests.

Have you noticed that your meter is running faster than usual? Do you think your annual bill is unusually high? Is it a meter problem? Perform a few checks before calling a technician.

Demand for check meter accuracy

Have you gone through all the points on our list below and still suspect a meter problem? 

You can ask us to check the accuracy of your meter

Warning! A meter inspection costs money. But you only pay if it emerges that your meter is not faulty. If a fault is detected in the meter, then you do not pay for the inspection and your meter will be replaced free of charge.

In order to avoid unnecessary costs, it is best to check a couple of things before making the request.

Do you have a meter problem? Ensure you check 9 points 

Meter problems are extremely rare. Your over-consumption is probably being caused by something else.

1. A faulty electrical appliance

A faulty fridge or freezer can lead to over-consumption. This results in higher energy bills. 

Repair or replace your faulty appliance.

2. A change in your consumption habits  

An increase in your annual consumption may occur when:

  • The number of people in your household has increased;
  • The amount of time your home is occupied has changed, due to teleworking, illness, lockdown, etc.;
  • New energy-intensive electrical equipment has been installed;
  • Your electricity consumption takes place during peak hours even though you have a day/night meter.

3. A change in energy prices 

A high energy bill does not mean you have a meter problem. Have you checked the price per kWh or per m3 of gas between your last two meter readings?

4. Energy theft from your meter 

When they over-consume, our customers often think that a neighbour is stealing energy from them. In reality, electricity theft is quite rare

Do you suspect that your electricity is being stolen? Have an electrician check your connection. If he/she confirms your suspicions, report the theft of energy to the police. You can obtain damages for this offence. 

5. An electricity or gas leak  

A loss of energy between your meter and your installation does not happen often, but you should check. Here is what to do to detect an energy leak.

Detecting an electricity leak 

Is your electricity meter running even though you have turned off the circuit breaker? You might think it is a meter problem. It actually means that someone is drawing energy from your installation. This is energy theft and punishable fraud. In this case, please contact us right away. We will tell you the steps for calling an electrician and the police.

Detecting a gas leak 

Is your gas meter running even though you are not using any gas-powered equipment? You definitely have a leak. In this case, contact us immediately on 0800 19 400 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Also read our safety instructions for dealing with a gas leak or smell. 

6. An unmaintained gas boiler

A well-maintained boiler ensures safety and performance. Installers recommend that you have your boiler serviced at at least every 2 years. Have your boiler checked before you assume that your over-consumption is due to a problem with your gas meter.  

As a tenant, you are required to have this service carried out at your expense. Your landlord may ask you for your periodic inspection certificates. The inspection certificate is given to you by your heating engineer at the time of the service.

7. Bleeding your radiators

Once a year, remember to bleed your radiators. This is the best way to ensure that your heating system operates properly. And heating that operates with optimal performance means energy savings. 

8. An incorrectly set thermostat or aquastat 

To enable you to consume energy at the desired time, you have most likely installed a thermostat or an aquastat. When incorrectly set, your consumption soars. Before blaming a meter problem, check these points:

  • The thermostat schedule is correctly programmed;
  • Your programming is in day time mode during the day and in night time mode the rest of the time;  
  • The batteries in your thermostat are in perfect condition;
  • The power supply to the aquastat has been checked.

9. A water leak 

A water leak in your installation, between your boiler and your tap, can lead to excessive energy consumption

Indeed, due to the leak, your boiler continuously fills up with water. It will heat this water continuously to keep it at the temperature set by your thermostat. Your gas or electricity meter therefore runs continuously. 

Do you have any concerns? Call an electrician or heating engineer

You are advised to call in qualified tradesmen before asking us to test your meter. A check of your installation by a professional is usually enough to put your mind at rest.

  • Are you concerned about the functioning of your electricity meter? An electrician will be able to determine whether you have a meter problem or whether the problem is elsewhere. 
  • Do you have an issue with your gas meter? Your heating engineer will be able to tell you about the causes and solutions.