Solar panels are a cost-effective solution for the self-generation of green energy. On the roof of your home or business, installation is fast and the profitability instant.

Solar panels provide a win-win solution. On the one hand, you spend less on electricity. On the other hand, you earn income from the resale of your green certificates. A solution made for you? We answer frequently-asked questions. 

Who can install solar panels at home? 

Anyone can install solar panels. Individuals, businesses and industry can invest in panels to generate their own electricity. 

There are many possible types of building where installation is possible. Indeed, solar panels are not only installed on the roofs of houses but also on blocks of flats, and public or industrial buildings

But before you start installing solar panels, there are two things to check:

  • first, if the project will prove profitable for you.
  • and then, if your roof allows such an installation. 

Calculate the profitability of solar panels 

Are you wondering whether solar panel panels will bring you an attractive return on investment?

A profitability calculation tool is at your disposal: the APERe simulator.
In a few clicks, you will have the answer to your question. Usually, installing panels will pay back more than a savings account. 

Watch out though, you should anticipate your needs before installation. In particular, if you are soon likely to want to invest in a device that will change your electricity consumption (electric car, sauna, etc.). A word of advice: calculate precisely the quantity of solar panels to be installed for your current and future electricity needs.

Where to install solar panels?

The panels can be installed on a sloping roof as well as on a flat roof. They can also be installed in a garden, as long as you have enough space. There are ground panels and even solar tracking panels.

A solar panel installer will be able to tell you if your roof is suitable. Parameters such as:  

  • The exposure of your roof;  
  • Obstacles and sunshade;
  • The surface area available;
  • The state of the roof.

Would you like to find out the solar potential of your roof ?

Brussels Environment provides you with a solar map of the Brussels Capital Region
By consulting this map, you will see if your roof is ideally exposed to accommodate panels.

Who should you get to install solar panels? 

You can find out who the certified installers of solar photovoltaic systems are by consulting the RESCert list. RESCert is an association that manages the certification applications of installers in the three regions of the country.

You can also have solar panels installed free of charge. This is possible by turning to third party investors. This is an initiative that further increases the profitability of your system.