Energy street works

Works in your street

An energy network needs to be maintained and modernised!

To meet your energy needs today and in the future, Sibelga carries out several thousand works in the streets of Brussels every year.

Why are there works in my street?

Repairs following a fault, modernisation of installations, connection, etc. There can be numerous reasons.

Types of works

Are works planned in my street in the near future?

If works are planned in your street, you will receive a letter 15 days prior to the start of the works. 

Communication about works sites

Problems on a works site

In case of an emergency, telephone numbers active 24 hours a day and seven days a week are at your disposal. 

Useful contact numbers

Our biggest construction sites

Every year, we carry out thousands of construction sites. Here is the list of the most impactful construction sites in Brussels.

Our works site mediator

Our works site mediator is present on works sites that impact businesses, schools, nurseries, hotels, consulates, etc. 

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Coordination of works

In Brussels, coordination has been put in place to minimise inconvenience and to manage works sites efficiently.  

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Coupures planifiées

Lors de nos chantiers, nous devons parfois couper l'électricité ou l'arrivée du gaz. Retrouvez dans notre liste les dates des coupures planifiées.

Retrouvez les coupures planifiées