Here is the procedure to follow for all your requests for work and intervention in your high-voltage cabin.

If you have any questions or any other requests, please do not hesitate to contact your KAM.

Partial or total disconnection of your cabin

Upon request, Sibelga can partially or totally disconnect your cabin so that you can carry out maintenance or repair work. Once the work has been carried out, we ensure that the power is restored.

Please note that your request must be submitted at least 3 working days before the desired date.

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Replacement of cylinder lock and key

This intervention is also carried out by a Sibelga technician at your request.

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Remote control placement

Please note: In order to be able to intervene quickly if necessary, Sibelga's technicians must have free access at all times to your high-voltage cabin and the associated metering installation. 

Upon request, Sibelga can place a control cabinet in the room of your transformer cabin. This cabinet contains the equipment for the remote control of the arrival cells. Accordingly, in the event of a disconnection and after analysing the incident, Sibelga's dispatching service can restore power to your cabin remotely.

Does this solution interest you? Please complete the form (FR) for the work.

Please note that in order to install the remote control, both cells of your cabin must be equipped with motors. 

Work required to ensure the compliance of the cabin 

We have noticed that many of the high-voltage customer cabins connected to Sibelga's electricity network are obsolete. They no longer meet current safety standards, despite mandatory inspection visits by the approved bodies.

In the event of an incident or accident, you, as the owner of the cabin, are directly liable! Check with your installer to ensure that your cabin complies with C2-112.

Do you want to renovate your cabin? Please contact your Account Manager ( in advance. He/she will explain the procedure to you. He/she is also available to analyse with you whether a low-voltage connection is not preferable for your needs.

Other work

You will find the list of interventions that can be carried out by Sibelga on our website, in the "Works and Connections" section section of our website: increase in power, removal of a connection, etcession of a connection, etc. You can submit your request for work online.

Mandate form

You do not own the high-voltage cabin on your site and wish that work be carried out? Please fill in and send us the mandate form.