Are you wondering how we will calculate your energy consumption? Simple, we use your meter readings as a basis. Your consumption is billed on a kilowatt-hour (kWh) basis, regardless of the energy source.

Your energy bills are calculated by multiplying your consumption, in kWh, by the cost per kWh. The kilowatt-hour is therefore used as a unit of measurement to calculate your gas and electricity consumption. Here, we explain our calculations in detail.

Calculation of your electricity consumption

Calculating your electricity consumption between two meter readings is simple. It is the difference between the value of the last reported meter reading and the previous one. For electricity, it is easy because the unit on your electricity meter is already in kWh.

Calculation of your gas consumption  

Your gas meter, on the other hand, indicates the number of cubic metres (m³) consumed since it was installed. Again, we subtract the value of the old meter reading from the new one. The difference gives the number of m³ consumed during the elapsed time.

Conversion in kWh

When billing your gas consumption, your supplier converts the m³ used into kWh. How? Using a conversion factor that converts m3 into kWh. Indeed, one m³ of gas holds a certain amount of energy potential. Yet, energy potential is expressed in kWh.

Conversion factor

It is this equivalence between m³ and kWh that is used as a conversion factor in the conversion of cubic metres into kWh. The conversion factor used is shown on your bill. It varies slightly from year to year. Nowadays, most homes are equipped with so-called rich natural gas. One m³ of rich gas is equivalent to about 11,5 kWh.

An example : From your meter reading, we see that you have consumed 2000 m³ of gas this year. Its equivalent in kWh will be: 2000 m³ x 11,5 kWh/m³ = 23,000 kWh.

The annual calculation of your energy consumption 

There are two types of bills from your energy supplier(s):

  • Your monthly payments, based on your previous or estimated consumption;
  • Your annual statement, based on your actual consumption.

To determine your future monthly payments, your supplier multiplies your consumed kWh by the cost per kWh. On top of this, your payment bills include various costs such as network costs, taxes, etc.  

The calculation of your consumption is also used by your supplier to produce your annual adjustment statement. This statement takes the form of a bill or a refund depending on your consumption during the elapsed period and any payments already made.

Your annual meter reading for an accurate bill

Your supplier uses the annual meter reading to calculate your energy consumption, expressed in kWh. Therefore, providing us with your meter readings is the only way to pay for your actual energy consumption. 

If you do not provide your meter readings, following receipt of our request letter, we estimate your consumption ourselves. Our estimate is mainly based on your energy consumption in previous years.