Electric charging

Charging your electric car at home or on the street?

Electric cars are booming. A transition in terms of mobility, but also in terms of energy and infrastructure.

How much power do you need for your home? What should be planned for buildings? What is planned for public charging points? Find out here.

How much power do you need?

Every situation is different. Depending on your needs and your existing electrical installation, we will be happy to advise you.

Charging powers

What if I can't charge at home?

Not everyone has a garage. But this is not a problem in itself, alternative solutions exist.

Discover the solutions

Technical prescriptions

Discover our technical prescriptions for the connection of a charging station for an electric vehicle.

Download the technical prescriptiontion

How to connect your charging station?

Connection a charging station in a home

In a home

I want to install a charging station in my home or in a building with no more than 3 parking spaces or 3 independent garages.

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Useful tools

Declaration of a charging station

if you own a recharging point, you are legally obliged to declare it

I declare my charging station

Charging times

Get a realistic idea of how fast your car can be charged according to your personal needs.

Calculate my charging time

Request your smart meter

If you have a charging station, you are entitled to have a smart meter installed.  This will allow you to control and monitor your energy consumption even better.

Request a smart meter

Installing an electric charging station

How do you want to charge your vehicle?

Where and how to charge my EV in Brussels?

Whether in an underground car park, in a supermarket car park, on the street or even at companies' premises. All these charging stations are meticulously indicated on a handy map of Electrify.Brussels

Sibelga to install 22,000 public charging points

The Brussels government has given Sibelga the task of installing 22,000 public charging points by 2035. In 2023, we have already installed more than 1,400 new charging points.

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An electrical network ready for the electric vehicle

The Brussels electricity grid is ready for thousands of electric cars! We are delighted to explain why we are so confident.

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