There are numerous reasons why we work in your street. Ultimately, the aim is always the same: to optimally meet your electricity, gas and street lighting needs.

If works are being carried out in your street, you will always be informed of the reason for the project. Fifteen days before the start of the works, you will receive a letter with an information sheet. On it you will find information about the nature of the works, as well as their estimated duration.

Electricity and gas works  

Sibelga is the operator of the electricity and gas distribution networks in Brussels. As such, the maintenance and development of these networks is part of our role.  

For example, we have to intervene to:   

  • carry out a repair following a fault; 
  • replace cables or pipes with more modern equipment; 
  • install a new technology;   
  • establish a new connection or cut off a connection.  

As you can see, there is no visible cabling in the municipalities of the Brussels Region: all our electricity cables and gas pipes are buried below ground. Therefore, we have to open up the road for every intervention.  

Good to know: in Brussels, coordination between network operators, telecom operators, etc. has been put in place to prevent the same street from having to be dug up multiple times in the same period.

Street lighting works  

The management of the street lighting network in the Brussels-Capital Region is also part of Sibelga's role.  
In all, there are no fewer than 87,000 luminaires that need to be maintainedreplaced when they reach the end of their life, repaired in the event of a fault, etc.  
The gradual installation of intelligent luminaires that can be controlled remotely and communicate in real time on their operating status, makes it possible to intervene in an even more efficient and targeted manner.  

To find out more about the carrying out of our works, download our project brochure. It is also placed in letterboxes on the streets affected by our works.

Find out how we inform you in the case of works in your street.

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