Do you generate green energy? To make the most of your energy generation, you need a special meter. It displays the green meter readings you need to enter online to obtain your green certificates.

Your prime motivation to generate your own energy is, without a doubt, energy independence. But, and this makes it worthwhile, producing your own green electricity pays off. Over the first 10 years of your system, you can actually benefit from a financial income through the resale of green certificates.

The green meter measures your green energy generation 

When you had your solar panels or cogeneration system installed, your installer will have provided you with a new meter. This meter, called a green meter, measures the total electricity generation of your self-generation system.

In fact, this is the totality of your generation that is used as the basis for calculating the allocation of your green certificates.

Here’s an example: Your gross generation amounts to 1,000 kWh but you only use 300 kWh for your own consumption. So you feed 700 kWh into the grid. However, you will receive green certificates for the 1000 kWh generated.

The green meter reading: to be entered in the Green Meter app

The green meter reading is the meter reading shown on your green meter. This meter reading counts up all the electricity generated by your solar panels or your cogeneration system.  

You can enter this meter reading in Sibelga's Green Meter app up to four times a year (in March, June, September and December). Entering these is essential to receive your green certificates.  

Don't worry, every quarter, we send you an e-mail reminder to enter your green meter readings. You have one month to enter your meter numbers. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the next quarterly due date before you can cash in on your electricity generation.

Green certificates Three conditions must be met to obtain them 

To receive your first green certificates, you will need to meet these three conditions beforehand: 

  1. Obtain the Sibelga certificate after your green meter is installed by your solar panel or cogeneration installer; 
  2. Get your green meter validated by Brugel;
  3. Enter your green meter readings in Green Meter. 

Note: The Brussels-Capital Region set up the market for green certificates to support the generation of green electricity

After entering your green meter readings on Sibelga's Green Meter application, Brugel calculates the number of green certificates to which you are entitled. Once this calculation has been made, you will find your certificates on the dedicated Brugel website

Reselling your green certificates simply and quickly in Brussels

Once you are in possession of the green certificates issued by Brugel, you can resell them to an energy supplier.  

You will find the list of buyers of green certificates on the Brugel website. It is up to you to choose which supplier, active in the Brussels Region, or intermediary you wish to resell your certificates to.

Thanks to your energy generation and the resale of your green certificates, your photovoltaic system will pay for itself within seven years