The Smart meter

The Smart Ready meter is an electronic meter with smart technology, which means that it is technically ready to communicate remotely. However, the remote features of the meter will not be activated right away, hence its name Smart Ready.

From 2018, Sibelga will install this type of meter when there is any request for

  • a new connection
  • major renovations requiring the complete renewal of the set of meters located at the same address.

Why install Smart Ready meters?

Sibelga is developing its meters to respond to technological developments in metering and to prepare for the future. In Brussels, installing Smart Ready meters - in agreement with the regulator, Brugel - meets the requirements of the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED).

This new meter will allow you better to control your consumption, or even reduce it by identifying excessive expenses.


You can find here the answer to all your questions regarding the smart meter. Read our FAQ

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