Smart meters

The smart meter

The smart meter is an indispensable link in the energy transition. These are already installed free of charge at some customers' premises (prosumers, charging stations, etc.).

What is a smart meter?

The way we manage energy is constantly changing.  Think of solar panels, electric charging, ... The smart meter is an important factor in this energy transition.

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Who is entitled to a smart meter?

Some types of customers already receive a smart meter, but you can of course request one yourself.

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The advantages of a smart meter

There are many advantages, not only for you as a customer, but also for a better management of the energy network, of course.

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Smart consumption with a smart meter!

Your smart meter has a P1 port. You can connect all kinds of energy management systems to it to get an overview of your daily energy consumption.
They can also allow you to control your electrical appliances in an intelligent way. This way you can save both energy and costs.

The smart meter in detail

We install the same type of meters as in Flanders and Wallonia.  You can find out more about these meters and how to read them here.

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Health and privacy

We offer you an answer on what happens to your consumption data and on the standards regarding electromagnetic radiation from our devices.

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Do you want a smart meter?

Anyone who wants one can already apply for a smart meter. If you have solar panels or a charging point for an electric car, you can get one for free.

Request a smart meter