Better-defined rules for disconnecting and opening internal gas installations

The "Internal Gas Installation Safety" unit provides its expertise if there is the slightest doubt about the condition of a gas installation. New regulations now clarify the circumstances in which it can cut off the gas supply for safety reasons, or authorise it to be reopened.

The "Internal Gas Installation Safety" (SIIG) unit performs a vital task for the safety of Brussels' residents. It intervenes promptly when a risk is identified by our in-house teams, if there is doubt about the condition of an internal installation, or when requested by a public authority.

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Download the regulation on the Internal Gas Installation Safety (SIIG) in .pdf format.
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An expert role

The fire service, for example, regularly calls on the unit's services if they are uncertain about the conformity of a gas installation, or they suspect CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning.

The intervention of the SIIG unit is particularly valuable when a dangerous situation is identified, as it ensures that the necessary measures are taken.

Security above all

The SIIG unit has to intervene to secure the site, and sometimes has to seal an appliance or part of an installation. The customer may then feel unsettled, as restoration will require the intervention of an installer or the owner, which is an inconvenience.

A new regulatory framework

That's why we've introduced new regulations to specify the rules governing the cutting off and reopening of internal gas installations for safety reasons.

The idea of the regulations is to have a tool that defines when an installation can be disconnected and what documents we can request from the customer to restore service.

Quentin Peiffer, Legal Service Manager at Sibelga.

A unique service

We are #FIERs to be the only distribution network operator to offer such a service.

However, not everyone immediately recognises the value of this work. On site, our primary concern is the safety of users and their property. That's why we strive to accurately assess each situation. 

Our primary objective is to ensure everyone's safety, and we offer this service with that in mind.

A duty of care

We all have a duty of care. As a professional, this duty is even more important for Sibelga. However, we should not forget that Sibelga is not responsible for the safety of customers' private installations.

We have no knowledge of what happens after we've finished our work. The customer may fill in a ventilation opening, handle the system inappropriately or simply install non-compliant appliances.

The SIIG unit plays a crucial role, but everyone remains responsible for the safety and proper maintenance of their gas installations.

Download the regulations
Download the regulation on the Internal Gas Installation Safety (SIIG) in .pdf format.
Download document