Are you without electricity or gas because your meter has been closed?
If so, call our Client Desk on 02 549 41 00 and make an appointment to have your meter opened. N.B.: we can only come along and open your meter once you have fulfilled all the conditions.

How much does it cost to open a meter?

Opening a meter costs € 96,80 (VAT 21% incl.).

What are the conditions to be able to make an appointment?

  • You must have a contract with an energy supplier.

    Thanks to a joint IT system, the energy supplier can let us know that there is a contract for your meter.  Remember that it will take at least one working day before your energy supplier informs us of this.

    You cannot make an appointment without a contract.
  • If it is a new meter, then your indoor installation first has to be inspected by an inspection body, or installed by a recognised Cerga gas installation fitter.

    Full details and points to be remembered can be found on our page opening a new meter.
  • Make sure that you have your meter number and/or EAN code to hand when you call us.

The EAN code is a unique 18-figure code.  It indentifies your electricity or gas point of delivery.  You need this code whenever you contact Sibelga or your energy supplier. You will recognise this code by the initial figures 5414489.

When will we come and open your meter?

Allow at least 2 complete working days after having contacted us before we can open your meter.

When you make the appointment you will be given a dossier number.
If you would like to know what time to expect us to come and open your meter, call our Planophone on 0800-944.88 and give this number.

The expected time will be known as of 2.00 pm on the day before we come along.

You are always given a time span of about two hours. So you do not need to wait for our technician all day.