Sibelga installs the smart electricity meter systematically for certain type of customers. But also at your request.

Would you like to replace your current electric meter with a smart meter?

If you wish to replace your current 'traditional' electric meter by a smart meter, it is now possible to make this request.  The replacement of your meter is FREE of charge.

Please note: Replacing your actual meter with a smart meter is free of charge, but if additional work is required to replace the meter or if you request additional changes (e.g. changing the power of the meter, moving the meter, etc.), these services will be billed.

In which cases do we systematically install a smart meter?

In the following cases, we systematically install a smart meter for FREE:

  • for new prosumers (*) in an existing building who produce their own electricity, for example by means of solar panels
  • for owners of electric vehicles who wish to charge their vehicles
  • if you participate in energysharing (*)
  • in the context of modernisation work planned by Sibelga or projects such as the implementation of energy communities

In the case of a new connection (e.g. new buildings) or the installation of a new meter, (e.g. when you want to add a meter) we also install smart meters. These works will be BILLED.

(*) Remote reading of consumption data is automatically activated for prosumer customers and participants in energy sharing as stipulated in the Ordinance on the organisation of the electricity market (Article 26.octies, paragraph 4)

Regulated deployment

The rollout is being carried out in accordance with the legal framework set out in the Ordinance on the organisation of the electricity market in the Brussels-Capital Region passed by the Brussels Government.

The installation of the smart meter in Brussels - in agreement with the regulator, Brugel - meets the requirements of the European Energy Efficiency Directive (DEE).