Every network operator has a schedule for who gets a smart meter and when. You will receive an email or letter when it's your turn.

In Brussels, we started the large-scale 'rollout' of smart meters in October 2023. By the end of 2030, almost all Brussels residents should have a smart electricity meter. Sibelga is systematically installing smart meters for certain customers already.

Don't want to wait for the large-scale rollout and prefer to replace your current traditional dial meter with a new smart meter? You can! The replacement is FREE.
Note: if additional work is needed to replace the meter or if you request extra changes (e.g., changing the power of the meter, moving the meter, ...), these services are chargeable!

When will your old meter be replaced anyway?

In Brussels, we install a smart electricity meter for FREE in the following cases:

For new electrical connections (new buildings) or the installation of an additional meter, the installation of the smart meter will be BILLED.
(*) Remote reading of consumption data is automatically activated for prosumer customers and participants in energy sharing as stipulated in the Ordinance on the organisation of the electricity market (Article 26.octies, paragraph 4

Regulated deployment

The rollout is being carried out in accordance with the legal framework set out in the Ordinance on the organisation of the electricity market in the Brussels-Capital Region passed by the Brussels Government.

The installation of the smart meter in Brussels - in agreement with the regulator, Brugel - meets the requirements of the European Energy Efficiency directive.