The Brussels government has entrusted Sibelga with managing the deployment of on-street charging stations throughout Brussels by 2035.

In order to support the transition to less polluting vehicles, the Brussels Government has undertaken to install 11,000 charging stations for electric vehicles by 2035. These charging stations, located along public roads and also on semi-private land, will be accessible to the public. 

Some 250 points were installed in 2022 as part of this same ambitious project, and this is just the beginning. Today, every customer in Brussels already has a public charging point within 250 metres of their home.
During a new call for tenders at the beginning of 2023, Sibelga chose EnergyVision for the installation and operation of 1,400 additional charging points by the end of the year, thus considerably increasing the territorial coverage. By 1 January 2024, every electric vehicle owner will have a charging solution within 150 metres of their home.

Reducing transport-related CO2 emissions by 75% by 2030

In june 2021, the Brussels Government adopted the 2025-2035 milestones of its low-emission zone at first reading. This zone foresees, for most vehicles, a phase-out of diesel in 2030 and of petrol, LPG and CNG in 2035. This profound transformation of the Brussels car fleet should make it possible to avoid 110 premature deaths each year linked to air pollution, and to reduce transport-related CO2 emissions by 75% by 2030. 

11,000 publicly accessible charging points by 2035

However, such a decision implies undertaking parallel measures to support alternatives, such as the development of an electric vehicle charging offer. This is why the Region has adopted a regional vision to accelerate the development of charging stations in Brussels. This vision aims to install 11,000 charging stations accessible to the public (on and off the road) by 2035, and is about to be stepped up.  

Sibelga, a partner in electric mobility in Brussels

After installing a basic network of 250 on-street charging points as part of the project, the Region, on the initiative of the Minister for the Environment Alain MARON, has mandated the network operator Sibelga to  coordinate the deployment of a public network of charging points for electric vehicles, in collaboration with Brussels Environment, Brussels Mobility, Brugel, the VUB and the office of the Minister of Mobility. In the end of 2022, this network had no fewer than 1,380 publicly accessible charging points, i.e. 10 charging points per km2

A recharging solution, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, less than 150 metres away by the end of 2024 !

This work has closely involved the municipalities in the choice of locations for these charging stations, because of their detailed knowledge of the terrain. This will ensure that the people of Brussels will always be within 150 metres of a recharging solution in the capital by the end of 2024. 

In the coming years, other sets of charging points will be put on the market and will gradually complete the network of charging points installed in Brussels.