The EAN code (European Article Numbering) is a unique code for your meter consisting of 18 figures which indicates a supply point for electricity or natural gas. You will therefore have a separate EAN code for your electricity and gas meter, which is linked to a specific address.

All EAN codes for energy supply points in Brussels begin with 5414489.

Finding your EAN code

1. On the energy bill

  • Your current EAN code is given on your energy bill.
  • Moving house? If so, you can ask the previous occupants or the managing agent of the building for the EAN code of your new home. It should be on their old energy bills.

2. Contact our customer services

Call our customer services on 02 549 41 00
Or fill in our online contact form.

To find your EAN code as quickly as possible, we need the following details:

  • the address at which the meter is located
  • if it is an apartment: the storey + place (left or right as you look at the building from the street))
  • the meter number
  • the name of the previous occupants.

The EAN code is not a meter number or a customer number

The EAN code is not the same as the meter number: the EAN code identifies a supply point, whereas the meter number identifies an appliance, i.e. the meter.

If you have to have your meter replaced, there will be a new meter number on your appliance, but your EAN code remains unchanged.

Nor is it a customer number. You receive a customer number from your energy supplier. If you change supplier, you will receive a new customer number. The EAN code stays the same.