Every year many Brussels residents decide to produce their own electricity. The project interests you too? Congratulations!

What exactly does installing solar panels or a cogeneration installation? Which documents are required? How do you connect the installation to the grid? All the answers can be found in this section.

  1. I want to create a new installation, what are the different steps?
  2. Technical requirements and power limitations
  3. I produce energy, what next? 

What does a solar power installation look like? 

Infographie Production Verte - Greenmeter

1. Photovoltaic panels:

Photovoltaic panels convert light into electricity. Read our dossier.

2. Inverter

In a photovoltaic installation, the inverter converts direct current into alternating current, making it compatible with the grid. Strict regulations govern inverters to ensure your installation is compatible with the grid. You will find the list of authorized inverters (C10/26) on the Synergrid website.

R. The decoupling relay 

(only for installations with capacity exceeding 10kW)

The decoupling relay protects your installation and the grid. It disconnects your installation from the grid in the event of a problem.

It must be chosen from the list of equipment recognized by Synergrid (C10/11 - C10/21 - C10/23 and annexes), which can be found at www.synergrid.be..

3. Green meter

The green meter is an additional meter that measures the total electricity produced by your installation. It is supplied and installed by your installer, and must be in accordance with the Brugel meter code.

You can read your meter regularly and communicate the meter readings on extranet.brugel.be

4. Switchboard

The switchboard is where the electricity produced by the panels is fed into the house's network.

5. Bidirectional smart meter

Brussels law specifies that a meter cannot turn backwards. Therefore, private installations require a bidirectional smart meter to separate readings of energy used from the grid and any excess which is injected back to the grid.

Sibelga replaces your actual meter by a directional meter. 

6. Urban distribution grid 

Photovoltaic installations do not operate independently in urban areas. The main grid acts as a natural complement which supplies energy when needed and collects excess.