Has your energyproduction system been installed and certified by Sibelga and Brugel ? You now generate green energy for Brussels! Congratulations !

After Brugel certification, you will receive two accounts:

  • a "green meter" account for Sibelga
  • a "extranet" account for Brugel 

I enter my green readings with Sibelga

Every quarter, Sibelga sends you an email when the reading period opens. The period is open for a month.  Enter your green readings at greenmeter.sibelga.be

Go to greenmeter.sibelga.be

Once a week during this month, Sibelga sends the green production to Brugel, which they use to calculate the green certificates. 

I can access my green certificates at Brugel

You are entitled to green certificates for the first ten years of your installation.

When you have entered your green readings in Sibelga's Green meter application, Brugel calculates your green certificates. You can access them at extranet.brugel.brussels

Go to extranet.brugel.brussels