See here for all the steps necessary for creating a new energy production installation.
We have used a photovoltaic-panel installation as an example.


- Your installation must meet specific technical requirements useful for your installer ;
- If your installation exceeds 30,0 kVA, you need to install a decoupling relay.
- On november 2021, the compensation system will totally disappear;

Step 1: Ask a photovoltaic-panel installer for a proposal

They will help you determine if your roof is suitable, and help you choose the capacity you need. They will then send you a quote.

Before getting started, it is important to remember that specific requirements apply to installations over 30kVA.

Step 2: Ask Sibelga for a quote for a bidirectional meter

In Brussels, meters cannot turn backwards. A bidirectional meter is therefore required for private production installations. The bidirectional meter separately measures the energy taken from the grid and any excess energy injected back.

How to get a quote for a bidirectional meter?

1. New building

In this case, request a new connection and indicate that you intend to install photovoltaic panels.

2. Existing building

You have a traditional meter (most frequent)
request it be replaced with a bidirectional meter.

You already have an electronic meter
request activation of your bidrectional meter for injecting back to the grid

You want to add an additional meter
request an additional meter

As soon as the bill is paid, you can schedule Sibelga's work.

Step 3: Have your photovoltaic panels installed

Sibelga's quote authorizes you to start installing your photovoltaic panels.

Step 4: Have your electricity installation checked by an inspection body

Once your installation is completed, you must request verification by an accredited inspection body.

Step 5 :Sibelga installs the bidirectional meter

We install the bidirectional meter. If you already have a bidirectional electronic meter, we will activate the registers to read what is injected back to the grid.

Step 6: Ask Sibelga for your installation certificate

To be able to inject energy back to the grid, ask Sibelga for your installation certificate. You can carry out this simple step online.

Ask for your Sibelga certificate

The certificate is also necessary for requesting Brugel certification to obtain green certificates.

Step 7: Ask Brugel for certification

You must request Brugel certification to have the right to obtain green certificates. See for all the terms and conditions.