Has the electricity supply to your house or area suddenly cut out? Have you noticed fluctuations in supply, such as lights flickering or dimming?

Emergency number no electricity supply : 02 274 40 66

You can find here the list of actual and solved power outages

Calls related to gas smells or loss of electricity supply are treated as priorities. Our services are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

In the interest of other people's safety, do not use this number unnecessarily.

Things to do before calling us:

  • Check whether the problem is occurring in your home only, or is affecting the rest of the local area.
  • If only your home is affected, check whether the fuse box or fuses need to be switched back on (the buttons should point upwards).
  • Check also if your differential needs to be switched on. If it trips immediately, it means that you have a power leak to your electrical system. You should call an electrician. The test button (T) is only used to verify proper operation of the differential.

How do we proceed in case of a local power outage?

How do we proceed in case of a large power outage?