Werven straatWhy energy roadworks near you?

Sibelga is responsible for running and maintaining the entire Brussels distribution system for gas and electricity. Consequently, it regularly carries out work on our networks.

This means that we are able:

  • to guarantee the energy supply;
  •  to guarantee safety;
  • to open or close connections on the network at the request of customers.

Are you informed in advance?

Whenever we carry out work in the street, we always send a letter to local residents beforehand to inform them of this. This letter includes a brochure and useful details about the work, such as:

  • the duration;
  • the address involved;
  • the subcontractor;
  • the Sibelga contact details.

How can you recognise Sibelga energy roadworks?

Minor roadworks Major roadworks
 Bord kleine werven  Bord grote werven
Minor roadworks are indicated by a small sign. 
This work usually only lasts a few days.

An appropriate panel is used for major roadworks giving:

  • duration of the work;
  • time of day when the work is carried out;
  • concession holders and contractors involved;
  • contact details.


Reporting problems relating to energy roadworks

For serious problems such as a power outage or a gas leak, we can always be reached on our emergency numbers.

If other problems occur relating to the roadworks, contact:

  • the supervisor: he is present on site and is in direct contact with the site manager;
  • the number in the letter sent to local residents before the work began;
  • the telephone number on the panels for major roadworks.