Your installation for decentralised production must be in accordance with certain technical regulations and requirements. This information is important for your fitter!

Important: When we talk about the power of your installation, we take into account the cumulative power of your inverters (AC). This is expressed in kVA.


 Practical guides

Each installation must have at least:

  • A green meter (must have the MID marking), installed by your fitter;
  • A certificate of conformity, issued by an accredited inspection body
    (please feel free to submit our C10/11 checklist to your inspection body);
  • A bidirectional smart meter installed by Sibelga.

The three power thresholds to consider

There are three important thresholds to take into consideration that have a significant influence.

Installation less than or equal to 5 kva

Since November 2021, installations with a power of 5 kVA or less no longer benefit from the compensation system (principle of the meter running backwards).

  • From now on, you'll pay for all the electricity you draw from the grid, regardless of the electricity you inject.
  • Your energy supplier will be obliged to buy back the electricity you inject into the grid, in accordance with the rates and terms of your contract. Contact them for more information.

This change was decided by BRUGEL, the Brussels energy regulator.

Installation over 5 kVA

  • The energy drawn from the grid is invoiced to you in full by your energy supplier.
  • You can resell the energy you inject into the grid to the supplier of your choice.

Installation over 30 kVA 

As with installations over 5 kVA, you can resell the energy you inject into the grid.

A decoupling relay is compulsory!

If the power exceeds 30 kVA (the total accumulated AC power of your inverters), your installation must have an authorised decoupling relay. The relay automatically disconnects your installation from the grid in the event of disruptions, protecting both your installation and the main grid. It must be configured by Sibelga.

How can Sibelga configure your relay?

  1. Place your relay in a cardboard box;
  2. Complete and enclose the relay form in the shipping box. You should have received this form together with our offer;
  3. Send the relay to us or drop it off at the following address:
    Sibelga – Primary Substation Department (relay)
    Quai des Usines 16
    1000 Brusels, Belgium

As soon as it's configured, you can come and pick it up, or we'll send it to you by post.

Finally, it still needs to be tested on site, at your home, by one of our technicians.