Bright Festival 2022

Sibelga is taking part in the 6th edition of the festival that puts Brussels and art in the spotlight. Meet us at the Royal Park to have your lights repaired or to buy them second-hand!

Do you know the Bright Brussels festival? This free event is the leading light festival in Brussels. It attracted no less than 600,000 visitors in 2021! Its 6th edition will be held from 10 to 13 February... and Sibelga will be there.

Lighting up Brussels: our job and our passion

Every day, as manager of the gas and electricity networks and the municipal public lighting network, Sibelga literally puts Brussels in the spotlight. Our participation in Bright Brussels was therefore an obvious choice.

In concrete terms, Sibelga will be responsible for illuminating the three night-time walking routes, which will be lined with works of art and other discoveries. To do this, our technicians will apply magenta filters to the public lighting fixtures along the route. All you have to do is follow the lights!

We also invite you to the Royal Park...

Welcome to the Sibelga Light Market!

The Sibelga Light Market will be set up in this park, which is well known to the people of Brussels. This space of more than 300 square metres will be dedicated to lighting.

Bedside lamps, hanging lamps, wall lamps, spotlights, LED garlands... We all have multiple points of light in our homes. When these break down or need to be replaced, our first instinct is often to go for something new.

But what if we did things differently? That's the idea behind the Sibelga Light Market! We invite you to bring in your damaged lights so that we can see together if they can be repaired. Do you want to make a change in your home? You might find something to your liking in the more than 400 refurbished second-hand lights on offer.

Through this action, we are highlighting one of our commitments: to act for a low carbon future. Together we can make a difference!

In practice

Bright Brussels takes place from 10 to 13 February 2022, from 6.30 pm to 11 pm. It's free!

There are 3 routes of 1 km each. You will be able to admire more than fifteen artistic works. And that's without counting the collaborations with museums and cultural centres.

  • Mont des Arts - Palais des Académie - Place du Musée - Place Royale - Parc de Bruxelles
  • Parc Léopold - Parc du Cinquantenaire
  • Place Flagey - Sainte-Croix Church - Avenue Charles-de-Gaulle - Jardin du Roi - Abbaye de La Cambre !