Greenification of the fleet: Sibelga leads by example

Sibelga has around 400 vans for its technicians’ work in Brussels. Nearly half already run on CNG or electricity!

In the Sibelga car park, there are more and more utility vehicles running on alternative fuels. “Nearly 50% of our fleet is made up of green vehicles today,” confirms Grégory Navet, Mobility, Fleet & Tools Manager. “This is the result of an active policy to greenify our fleet. And that’s not all: with the new electric utility vehicles arriving on the market, all the vehicles for which there is a ‘green’ alternative will be replaced before the dates imposed by the Brussels-Capital Region!”

Not only utility vehicles

Thanks to this greenification, Sibelga is gradually reducing the pollution generated by the journeys necessary for its business. Furthermore, it is demonstrating to all the public authorities that it’s possible to achieve the targets set at regional level to improve air quality, for the benefit of all Brussels residents.

And it doesn't stop there! “We have also put measures in place for company vehicles. Executives who are entitled to these vehicles must now choose from hybrid plug-in, CNG or electric vehicles only,” adds Navet.

Moreover, Sibelga is exploring as many possibilities as it can in terms of electric mobility. “Around fifty charging points of different brands have been installed on the site,” details Navet. “Around twenty others will soon be added. These installations enable us to test different charging solutions and innovative systems such as the centralised management of several points. We are also paying very close attention to the development of hydrogen solutions.”

The Sibelga site is therefore a real blue-sky laboratory for future mobility!