Illuminating Brussels' heritage isn't something you can improvise!

Illuminating these municipal buildings goes far beyond pure aesthetics: it's a way of highlighting architectural heritage and creating safe, welcoming urban spaces. For this type of project, Brussels municipalities can call on Sibelga's street lighting expertise.

What exactly is lighting?

Lighting consists of strategically illuminating buildings or urban sites to highlight their architecture and history. This can include emblematic constructions such as churches, squares, bridges and much more. Municipalities looking to carry out such projects can call on Sibelga and benefit from targeted support. Once the project is complete, the municipalities take over the entire lighting installation and its energy consumption, with the option of either managing the maintenance themselves or entrusting it to Sibelga.

Flagship projects combining energy efficiency and urban aesthetics

Over the past few years, several Brussels municipalities – including Etterbeek, which has built a new city hall, Koekelberg, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert and Uccle – have requested Sibelga's expertise in the lighting of some of their municipal buildings. One of the most significant projects was carried out in Saint-Gilles, where part of the exterior lighting of the town hall was replaced. The new luminaires installed on this listed building reduced electricity consumption by 16,500 kWh per year, equivalent to the consumption of 4 to 5 households.

What are the advantages of lighting?

Lighting projects for municipal buildings offer plenty of advantages:

  1. Enhancing heritage: lighting brings out the best in architectural heritage, allowing it to be showcased and appeal to tourists. 
  2. Remote management: thanks to a remotely programmed installation, Sibelga can switch off the lights remotely, without the need for an on-site technician.
  3. Customisation: some municipalities wish to manage the installation by changing the colours of the luminaires for special events such as Belgium's National Day, for example.
  4. Saving energy: by using LED luminaires, lighting projects enable municipalities to save energy while enhancing buildings in an efficient and sustainable way.

Testing underway for an innovative solution

Sibelga is currently testing platforms and devices that will enable municipalities to access their data and control their lighting installations remotely, offering more flexible and efficient lighting management.