Street lighting at your service

We are so used to the lights in the street coming on every evening when night begins to fall.  This provides a comforting and safe feeling in the different neighbourhoods.

A comfort that you can’t imagine doing without, and that is looked after by Sibelga. We take care of the maintenance and development of the lighting network in the streets of the city. 

Nearly 85 770 light bulbs

Did you know that the Brussels public lighting network counts nearly 85 770 light bulbs? Due to the growing attention towards pedestrians, the amount of light bulbs has been growing since 2005. These are less powerful and are placed lower. result: more of them are needed.

Everything for a reliable network

By visiting every district regularly and systematically, we are able to detect and correct almost half the malfunctions that occur, even before they are reported by local residents. 

But unexpected problems will always crop up somewhere. And this is where you can do your bit. Who could be better placed to report a problem with the street lighting?

Report a failure with the street lighting