Enerkids opens the door to the world of energy for 5th and 6th year children in Brussels primary schools. Developed by the GoodPlanet non-profit organisation at Sibelga's request, this cooperative game educates children about the rational use of energy and the challenges associated with the energy transition.

Brussels is hit by a climate storm. Energy guzzling slurpers are rampant throughout the city. Working in teams, the children will need to fight against energy waste, produce renewable energy and combat CO2 in the city.

Learning while having fun

With Enerkids, children get the chance to explore the world of energy through fun, interactive activities. They learn about energy saving, renewable energies and how to contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet. Playing Enerkids immerses them in an engaging adventure where they learn while having fun.

Discovering the energy challenges

When signing up to the game, teachers receive all the necessary materials for a comprehensive introductory lesson on sustainable energy, energy transition and climate change. Pupils also meet Sibe and Elga, the charming characters who will accompany them throughout the game.

Bringing light back to the city

The game begins with a 100-minute workshop led by a GoodPlanet Coach. During this session, the children are given exciting group missions to bring light back to a city plunged into darkness.

Sibe and Elga are also on hand to offer valuable advice and explain all about energy. How can we generate energy? How can we reduce our consumption? What is our impact on the climate? These are just some of the fascinating topics explored while playing!

A final discussion allows the children to share their experiences and revisit the key messages of the game.

Enerkids opens up the world of energy to children

A great success

Since its creation in February 2021, Enerkids has been meticulously tested and refined. By the end of 2023, nearly 2,700 schoolchildren had already taken part in this fun experience.

It's a joy to see their participation and enthusiasm. We hope to stimulate reflection and encourage them to share what they have learned, at home or elsewhere.

Marieke Tijskens, Project Manager who co-developed the programme.

So sign up for this extraordinary adventure and plant the seeds of sustainable development in our children's hearts with Enerkids!