Can you smell gas in your house, your block of flats or road?

Call us straightaway on:

Emergence number smell of gas: 0800 19 400


Calls related to gas smells or loss of electricity supply are treated as priorities. Our services are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

In the interest of other people's safety, do not use this number unnecessarily.

If you smell gas, you should:

  • Open all doors and windows.
  • Do not use anything that creates sparks. Do not use any electrical switches (light switches, doorbells, etc.), matches or candles. Do not smoke!
  • Do not use your mobile phone or landline phone inside your home.
  • Turn off the main gas tap at the meter – but only if you can do so without turning the light on.
  • Leave the building and once outside call 0800 19 400.

Additional information about gas and gas safety is available from the brochure at

How do we proceed in cas of smell of gas?